The Old Power Station is not a listed building. But it should be

JUST BY THE Thames Isis there is an enormous brick building which at one time supplied Olde Oxford Town with all of its energy.

It is the Old Power Station on Arthur Street, a place where after it stopped generating energy for the city, Concorde engines were tested.

We are appalled to learn this enormous building is not a listed building. Perhaps our local Labour councillors, Susanna Pressel and Colin Cook, could put this on their agenda.

Anyway, last night it was free booze for the residents of Mill Street, as the finalists of Ruskin entertained us with their wondrous creations. See below. ♥

4 responses to “The Old Power Station is not a listed building. But it should be

  1. what is it currently being used for?
    I ask only because were looking for spaces that we can put an Oxford hack centre in, that are hopefully somewhere close to the centre of Oxford

  2. There is no “see below” to see.
    Do I win?

  3. madmikemagee

    @Big kate – well it it certainly big enough to put 1,000 hacks in :)

  4. Ahhhhh! Electric Warrior…
    Fire it up Bhogu-rikh and “get it on”!

    T.Rex – Ride A White Swan (1970):

    T.Rex – Get It On (1971):

    T.Rex – Hot Love (1971):

    T Rex Crimson Moon (1977):

    T.Rex – Tame My Tiger (1977):

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