Foreigners flee South Korea

SURELY SOME MISTAKE. According to the Seoul Times, foreigners are unwelcome now and are fleeing the ville, after being, er, vilified.

There are riots going on, as we speak.

We’ve been to South Korea. Surely something must have gone very very wrong.  Here are a few links. One here, one here and one here. Sheesh!

One response to “Foreigners flee South Korea

  1. Nothing new here, Mike. Simply the periodic demonstrations by the DPRK (North Korea) sponsored groups in the south agitating for “peaceful reunification”, which means the DPRK takes over the ROK (South Korea). Naturally, when the DPRK talks about reunification, they assume that the DPRK leadership will be in charge, after all, they’ve done SUCH a wonderful job running things up north.

    Anyway, there are a small number of “groups” advocating on behalf of the DPRK in the ROK; mostly the same small group of agiteurs, probably DRPK agents.

    You want to have a good laugh? Browse the Korean Central News Agency of the DPRK at It’s quite farsical.

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