Design parallelised code and win prizes, says AMD

AMD has lined itself up to give prizes to people who develop software code that can take advantage of different cores.

This is in conjunction with Topcoder and is dubbed the Multicore Threadfest, presumably because Old Mother Hubbard and her family of microprocessor manufacturers have released that multicore apps are a little Threadbare.

We saw at HKEPC last week that Intel has already started to er, atomise its Atom family with dual core versions of these chips starting to become available in the second half of this year.So soon enough you might have a MID with eight and 16 cores, which no doubt will bring superlative benefits to you and your family, although software applications for even dual core chipolatas are hard to come by.

The Threadfest initiative will offer quarterly cash prizes to developers who figure out how to make software applications for desktops and for notebooks.But prizes of $250 to $2,500, while it’s a start, suggest that AMD is hoping that newcomers will square a circle which is difficult even for the best software developers.

If kids have developed such apps already, and they’re good ones, surely a cash prize of $250 will hardly attract them to give away their ideas?There’s more information, and it’s here. ♦

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