Blu-ray to save economy, world

THANK GOD for Sony’s Blu-Ray!

According to the CEO of Xenon, Toshiba renouncing HD DVD and vendors switching to Blu-ray signals an “uptick” in the economy and a “cleaner environment”.

Why exactly? Well said Lou Panico, Xenon’s CEO, “Now that the industry has one high definition standard, consumer’s earlier concerns about purchasing movies and players that might be obsolete is removed. With the huge capacity and clarity it offers, I see consumer sales rocketing with consumers purchasing Blu-ray compatible equipment as well as discs for their home TV sets and computers. And while many companies are outsourcing their products offshore, at Xenon we’re manufacturing our products here, in Massachusetts, and exporting to other countries. This means more jobs in Massachusetts and a healthier economy.”

We’re sure had Toshiba realised this, it would never have introduced HD DVD in the first place.

Sheesh! This is like big hotel chains pushing you to re-use your towels rather than increase their laundry bill  deplete natural resources.

In other words, it’s a “sustainable” story – goodness knows, we’re going to see a stack more of them in the Year of Our Lord 2008. ♥

3 responses to “Blu-ray to save economy, world

  1. If they really cared about the environment, they’d have kicked off digital distribution through the internet rather than purchasing useless pieces of plastics that end up in the garbage sooner or later. No trash, no transport costs.

  2. Sorry I like keeping me movies discs in physical format. Hard drives die, you know… downloads so far are locked to play on a single system, while I can take my BD-Disc anywhere I want (where there is a player) or loan to a friend, and plus… Blue-Ray is 50GB… try downloading 50 gigabytes per movie… most of us are still stuck with 1Mbit “broadband”.

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