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Nvidia, Via in unholy alliance

SEEN this yet?

We had some inklings something like this was going to happen.  It’s a case of unlikely bedfellows.

There was never any likelihood that Nvidia would buy Via, as Charlie D points out – that was Digitimes froth, of course.  They did chat about licences and that a year or two back, but that wasn’t a goer.

Intel might resort to the legal stick, Charlie reckons – but if it does, it’s not entirely clear how that would work out. Larrabee and discrete graphic cards could alter the legal picture for Nvidia, we guess. Will be interested to see how this all works out. ♣

Intel’s Sean Maloney shows off, er, Via nanobook

A PRESENTATION FROM Intel’s recent analyst meeting had Mr Sean Maloney of this parish showing off the Atom, soon to be the centre of a marketing blitz.

The unfortunate thing is that after dilating on the “new” category of “Netbooks”, Sean proudly showed off a page from Computerwoche on slide 38 of this presentation which seems to be, a er Via Nanobook.

Shorely shome mishtake?♥