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Jacqui Smith’s ears bent by John Humphreys

BBC’S RADIO 4 programme Today had our Minister of the Interior (Home Office minister) Jacqui Smith up for a grilling earlier on.

Smith has run into a heap of trouble over claiming expenses – her hubbie apparently is to blame for paying for two “Pay per View” pornographic films, which she then claimed on expenses.

Irrespective of the wisdom of  having a dekko at some porn, you really have to question the judgement of watching “Pay Per View” films. Don’t the Smiths realise that the web is awash with pornography, and much of it is free? Mrs Smith should have given Mr Smith a bollocking for wasting money on this drivel, so impacting the family budget and Mrs Smith’s career.

Radio 4’s Today is in many ways an admirable programme, one of the best things about it being that if you have regular bowel movements, you can time them to coincide with the absolutely rubbish Thought for the Day, where various clerics from different faiths attempt to align current events with meaningful references to religion. And 97% of the time, signally fail so to do.   Ψ