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Steve McQueen never needed to shave

WHAT A BOON! Watching The Great Escape (1963) for the umpteenth time, I noticed that Steve McQueen got periodically put in the cooler in the German POW camp for the umpteenth time and each time came out as clean shaven as he went in.

Plus his chinos needed no attention during his multiple periods of solitary confinement. The film had a heap of other actors too, including Mr Upstairs&Downstairs, Gordon Jackson.

Bullitt (1968) was a good film too with a nice SF chase. Shame McQueen died prematurely, in 1980.  The Thomas Crown Affair was a heap of fun too. I always liked Faye Dunaway. Heck, I must be getting old. At least I still need to shave. Always hated having to do that, but a beard does not suit… ♥