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Sun hack gets awfully shouty in West Oxford

SO THERE I WAS, having a quiet drink in my local, The Kite in Oxford, with my friends, and I go go out for a tab, and  a The Currant Bun journo with a lass from the Oxford Mail – always late, see earlier stories on this bog –  asks if I have a light. Of course, I oblige, being a member of the Corpse Diplomatique.

I manage to wind up  Sun journalist Nick Ives, I think about the Sun, it being the dark daze before Christmas.  It wasn’t hard. He responded. In volume. He says he is listening but no, he is shouting. He used to work for the benighted Oxford Mail  – and now the competitor of Badger News – and knows all about online journalism. He seems to have little sense of humour.

He gets awfully shouty. So shouty that he could probably wake up the dead, and the children behind him close to the river in Mill Street.

Especially the zombies in Fleet Street. He maintains that Rupert Murdoch did the right thing by shutting down the News of the Screws. It was an ethical decision, said Nick. Nick said Murdoch knows all about online. Yeah, talk me myspace, Nick :)

He says Rupert Murdoch is an ethical proprietor and has done everything in his power to comply with the law.  What a wapping lie. Sorry about the speeling, Nick :) .♦