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New Year: what’s the big deal?

ALL OVER the world people are getting way too overexcited by the fact that today’s the 31st of December and tomorrow will be the 1st of January.

The BBC has just reported that Sydney, whose “New Year” comes earlier than the rest of us,  has spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on fireworks.

While I’m up for a party at any time and on any day or night of the year, this frenzy over a date appears to me to be more than a bit odd. You could, for example, designate February 14th as a day when lovers could get overexcited too.

So the world+dog will get itself rat arsed tonight and everyone will wish each other a Happy New Year, waking up tomorrow morning with the mother and father of all hangovers.

It’s just another day guys and just another night that you can thank your lucky stars you’re still alive.