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Bollywood blog kicks off

TWO OF my colleagues from Bangalore – Subhankar Kundu and Jayant Mishra, have kicked off a Bollywood blog.

Let’s Talk about Movies is designed to be an interactive forum, and you can find it by just clicking here.  Good luck guys! ♥

Another Examiner writer starts a blog

HARSHA PRAMOD is the features editor on the Examiner, based in Bangalore, and like Subhankar Kundu, has recently started her own blog. You can find her reflections here

Examiner reporter is very, very cross

CHECK OUT Subhankar’s blog, here.

Examiner hack starts blog

SUBHANKAR KUNDU, one of the leading lights of the IT Examiner in India, has started his own blog, “Explore Subhankar”. Subhankar is a reporter based in Bangalore, and together with Jayant Mishra, an Examiner freelance based in Mumbai, excelled themselves by working through the night to bring readers the latest news of the outrages.

Which are still continuing, unfortunately, as the RSS feed on the right demonstrates.