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Steve Jobs is the sheesh kebab of earlugs

ON THE EXAMINER a certain C Shanti has expressed scepticism about Apple’s Steven Jobs’  launch of yet more stuff that plays music and that.

Everywhere we go, people have tiny little plugs in their ear lugs – we’ve on some occasions seen people being decked by bicycles and buses because their little, lovely ears are filled up with earphones.

It puts people in a different world – actually a nihilistic world divorced from the banality of life – because of course they are “listening to what they like”.

You can shut yourself up in a cocoon like a butterfly and moth caterpillar and internalise, internalise again and again. But when the wasps specialising in butterflies and moths decide to lay their eggs in your cocoon, you might find you never get to spread your wings and instead become a tiny waspette, looking for daft moths and butterflies again. And earphones.

I sort of deplore earphones in peoples’ earlugs although I am liberal on many other topics. We should talk to each other – it’s taken goodness knows how many years for us faux chimps to develop speech. We don’t need Apple’s commercial crapitude to reverse people talking to each other, do we?  And if they wear these lagged lughole warmers in Bangalore on the 100 Feet Road, they will be bygones of a past era.

Apple fanbois have lost grip on reality

LEGIONS OF FANS of products made by Saint Steve Jobs of Cuptertino are still stung into action if anyone disses Apple products, the New York Times reports.

The article quotes a hack who writes for Salon called Fahrad Manjoo. Manjoo is obviously undeterred by Apple fanbois pelting him with the internet equivalent of rotten apples.

He said Apple fanbois don’t care about honest opinion. They are driven by “religious zeal” for their own true love. “They don’t want a review. They want a hagiography.” There used to be a legion of AMD fanbois but their ranks have thinned. We’re not sure we’ve ever come across an Intel fanbois who actually doesn’t work for Intel. ♥