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How Google has ripped me off

I AM a published author and a journalist, so therefore not earning very much money, at all. But I have to say Google Books has really taken the proverbial biscuit this time round.Schmidt triggers

About 35-40 years ago, I spent an immense amount of time researching into the mysteries of Tripurasundari – s0me of my results are on shivashakti.com – a site that Time Magazine thought was equivalent to the Vatican! This is my ebook that Google has ripped.

I must say that I have never made a pice out of this stuff – my motives were and are to give information for free so people can wake up.

But the surpassing Google has astounded me. It has, more or less, published the entire e-book of the Mysteries of the Red Goddess, including original artwork, without even asking me.

The day Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google, apologises for this gaffe is probably in another aeon. Does Google really think that poor authors, academics and others will take this shit forever? I am thinking legal action. Yeah, Google is a giant and I am a pictish soul, but Google, watch out for your bollocks!  I have sharp teeth. ♣

And this is what I got from Go Ogle:


Thanks for reaching out to us!

We have received your legal request. We receive many such complaints each day; your message is in our queue, and we’ll get to it as quickly as our workload permits.

Due to the large volume of requests that we experience, please note that we will only be able to provide you with a response if we determine your request may be a valid and actionable legal complaint, and we may respond with questions or requests for clarification.  For more information on Google’s Terms of Service, please visit http://www.google.com/accounts/TOS

We appreciate your patience as we investigate your request.

The Google Team

Kenneth Grant’s thoughts on reincarnation

IN THE COURSE of many, many a pleasant conversation with the late and great Kenneth Grant, he disclosed his thoughts about his books and reincarnation more than once.

shriyantrapulseAnd how interesting he was on the topic. Basically, he said that one of the reasons for writing his books was that when he reincarnated, he’d be able to piece together his last life.

There was another reason for writing his books, he said, all to do with digestion.  He said that if you had loads of ideas and didn’t write them down, it was a kind of constipation. Scribbling was kind of like a laxative. Σ