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Celts can’t conceal pennies in their sporran any more

REUTERS reckons that a British company has invented a camera which will show up what you have on your person, even if you’re wearing your kilt and your sporran.

The idea is to detect things that might be concealed about your person if you’re planning a heist or a terrorist attack.

The company, called Thruvision, reckons that its T5000 camera won’t reveal whether you have any reason to be proud or ashamed of what you have under your kilt.

But if you’re an Aberdonian and have your precious penny in your sporran, it will show that up, although you won’t be asked to spend such penny, much to the relief of people from the Granite City.

This will come as a relief to all Aberdonians who while prepared to spend pounds on a good Scotch whisky, don’t want to have to pay good money to go to what’s coyly called a “rest room” in some parts.

Reuters’ story is here. ♥