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Rose & Crown makes it to Oxford Mail

Rose and Crown, OxfordWE NOTE that on page eight of today’s Oxford Mail that the Rose & Crown, which used to be our local hostelry here in Old Oxford Toone, has made it to the top six best pubs for real ale in this tiny city. I am a Kite boy now, though. More here. The same group that published the Ox Mail also publishes a “newspaper” called the Banbury Cake…. It be very rustic round here.

Oxford meets Taiwan – in Oxford

BUMPED INTO a very nice guy in the Rose & Crown on North Parade recently.

He’s spent a fair amount of time in the lovely island of Taiwan – the old name was Formosa which means the beautiful island in Portuguese.  Not only is it a lovely island, the people are kind hearted.  It’s the computer industry that’s taken me to Taiwan but like Mike Busby, I’ve been to Hualien  and to the Taroko Gorge. That was too exciting!

They quite like Qwan Yin in Shanghai, too.

Here’s his set of paintings, they’re well worth a dekko. ♣

Sleigh bells ringing in North Parade

WHAT A lovely scene. A Christmas tree, bang outside the Rose & Crown, one of the lovely pubs in North Parade, Oxford.

The Rose & Crown, North Parade

Only in Oxford: an occasional series

WE HAVE IT ON very reliable authority that when Al Murray tips up at Borders later this month, the resident landlord will not be unrelated to the landlord of the Rose & Crown on North Parade.

Oxford is always messing about with roads and pavements. Here’s a helpful piece of advice if you want to get run over on the crossing between the Randolph Hotel and the Ashmolean. It appears to be on the deck.


Those Intel Developer Forum snaps we dare not show

THERE ARE ALWAYS unexpected things happening at the Intel Developer Forum. But on their own they’re not always newsworthy.


We don’t know who owns the shoes. But we know where he got his shoes. On the pavement.


Spotted just outside Annabelle’s, opposite the Marriott.


Worried about swine flu? Some people obviously were and so Intel provided a way of cleaning your hands before you went in.

Oh, and I’ve just been over to the Rose & Crown@North Parade. One of the regulars said: “Enjoy San Francisco?” I said yeah. He said: “It’s just that Ravi was there and the first bar he was in he spotted you at the other end.”

There was a big cardiovascular event going on in San Francisco – around 15,000 people attended. We guess Ravi was at that one, rather than the Intel gig. We’ll find out.  [We found out, he was. The bar was the Marriott bar. He said: “You were with Intel”. Well, in a way, yeah.]

Oh, and a shot of part of our hotel room. Yes, we certainly live a wonderful life. ♥


The News Map is an interesting site

CHECK THIS ONE OUT. It’s most interesting and definitely slightly addictive. Like The News, we hope.

Since I returned to Britain, I have noticed that it is much colder here than in Bangalore. For the first time in four weeks,  I have woken up in the middle of the night, cold in bed. My five senses are revolting against the delta of temperature between Britain and Bengaluru.

Never mind. At least the pub sign of the Rose and Crown just up the alley way, was preserved for posterity! And there are blossoms on the tree outside. So maybe Spring is on the way. ♥