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It’s a tad dreich in Aberdeen

When I was a kid in the Aberdeen  oops wrong Aberdeen of the 1950s, we used to have schooners from Norway and Denmark sail into the docks.

Those days, Aberdeen was noted for only three things – fishing, granite and the legendary stinginess of its inhabitants. It is 10° Celsius in Aberdeen right now, so much warmer than Iceland and Norway. The language is surprising, though but.

To see schooners in full sail arriving at the docks in Aberdeen in the mid 1950s  was really a thrilling thing. The Aberdeen of the 1950s was thoroughly trashed by German bombs, for some strange reason the bombers let go of their unguided missiles if they hadn’t managed to destroy Glasgow, and the Granite City got the brunt.

I was born in 1949, and my daddy has told me that my mum, also born in Aberdeen, decided she wanted a pineapple in one of those cravings pregnant women get. He was persuaded to go down to the Aberdeen docks and negotiate a price for one pineapple equivalent to one week of his wages.

Obviously, it has all made a great deal of sense in the long run. Because I love pineapples. Scotland is not a recognised country on the price of a pint page, so we have decided to show the Vatican’s benchmark.