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February was busting out all over

THE SOLAR panels on the roof didn’t disappoint in February.  They belted out a heap of electricity – or bijli as we prefer – despite this month being as dour as an Aberdonian when he’s forced to shell out a shilling for the toilet.

Aye, it’s true there were some days where Mr Sun hardly had a chance to see the wood for the trees, but the golden thing in the sun continues to shine and if it does, the panels pick up on it, no problem at all.

We wonder, however, whether there would be any chance of amortisation without government grants to speed the Kyoceras and Sanyos of this world on their way.

Although we’re not against pigeons, like London mayor Ken Livingstone, we also wonder how to clean the doodoo off array number one of 15 without climbing on the roof and risking life and limb or using catapults loaded with lumps of bread so they roost somewhere else.

The preferred method is little spikes so the rock pigeons feel unsafe when they alight.  ♥


Applied wins $2 billion from solar panel market

MIKE SPLINTER, who used to work for Chipzilla until he was nabbed by Applied Materials, has obviously got an attack of  solar euphoria.

The Wall Street Journal reports Applied has won a $1.9 billion deal to sell kit to firms producing photo-voltaic solar panels, although the company that  placed the order isn’t named.

We think the Journal’s Don Clark, who has recently taken to writing about motherboards, knows which firm it is.

It’s a privately held non-American firm. PV solar panels are great, just as long as governments give you a grant if you’re a householder to help you work out an amortisation rate that’s realistic.
The cher price of Applied shot up on the news, according to the Journal, here. You’ll need a sub to read it.