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Crime wave hits Banburyshire

A WAVE OF CRIME is sweeping across a place called Banbury and it’s affecting Oxford and Bicester too.

As you can see from this story in the  Oxford Mail, criminals are receiving tough love from the authorities in what’s obviously a major crackdown at the home of the Banbury Cake.

We’re not entirely sure why Banbury residents Emma Ashburn and Marie Biston got fined more than two other folk in Bicester and in Oxford.  But, rest assured, Google, sorry BBC vans, are watching you. ♥

Mill Street, the Wall and Cherwell College

I AM NOT entirely sure the venerable Oxford Mail got the whole story about this, but hey, WTF. We only live here. ♥

Oxford City Council. Shock horror – pollution

SO THIS IS A letter sent to allotment holders in Cripley Allotments.  Er….


The ballad of Roger Dudman Way

Where there’s a will, there is a lay.
So starts this wee tale of Roger Dudman Way.

Mick's Cafe, the Botley Road
Head west from Domino’s, through the tunnel of love,
Be shaken, if not stirred by rattling freight trains above,
And, flanked by Mick’s Café and the YHA
See the new glory that’s called the Roger Dudman’s Way.
Mick’s Café has shut, I am sorry to say.
‘Twas the jewel in the crown of Roger Dudman’s Way.

As you beat your way towards pastures new,
You’ll see Oxford Station and, this is certainly true,
You’ll see five storeys hove into view.

This is the Great Wall of Roger Dudman’s Way,
Blocking Port Meadow, or that is what they say.
The structure’s for students, and not really for geese;
They will have to soar high to stay in one piece.

Roger Dudman, the man who inspired the route
Was Lord Mayor of Oxford, and a leftie, to boot.
Of Dudman’s life we know little, it’s true,
But he held a grand post so was one of the few
To wear the great chain, and preceded by mace
Trouped through the town with consummate grace.

The latest Lord Mayor fell flat on his face,
For saying the word “sexy” that’s quite a disgrace.

And so we conclude this Dudman paeon,
To celebrate the daze of the Dudman aeon,
With hymns and raptures day by every day
To celebrate Mr Dudman  and his now famous Way!

The letter that the Oxford Mail forgot to print

Dear editor

I’ve lived in Oxford for over four years now, and I am a regular reader of the Oxford Mail, although I still have to see your much vaunted “loyalty card” tip up in the post, as promised when I first subscribed. At least the paper turns up every day now.

I find your columns very amusing and sometimes informative too, but that’s not why I am writing this letter.

I’ve been a journalist myself since I was a kid, and have edited a number of publications myself, but I am alarmed that a “world class city” with “world class toilets” and academics to boot has a daily newspaper with so many typographic errors.

Every day when I scan the pages of the Oxford Mail, I detect typo after typo, almost suggesting to me and no doubt to your other readers that you need a good sub-editor – sometimes it occurs to me that you don’t have one.

Editors pass pages – I’ve done it myself many a time, and if the subs don’t pick up the typos the editor and the news editor surely should see them. I realise that in these cash strapped days costs are high and revenues are low, but my senses are assaulted by your abuse of the English language, daily.


Mike Magee 

Adrian James (50) designs new Travelodge


Computer Associates lets its hair down with sweetie bounty

A COMPANY bought hacks lunch in the pouring rain and delivered a Yule cake and loads of sweeties when we turned up at its gig. ◊