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New Osney: It’s a Bridge too Far

EXCLUSIVE Some of our more elderly readers might have seen the film A Bridge too Far (1977), all about the failure of the Brits in the Netherlands during the Second World War – Scottish 90 year old Sean Connery was the star. Some of you might also have seen Continue reading

Mother of invention is alive and well in Oxford

lovehzI took a trip last night to Oxford Hackspace – it’s only three minutes from here across the spooky bridge across the railway line*.

But Oxford Hackspace is a great place to hack  –  to make things, to break things up, to recreate and to mash things about.  The bunch is  really friendly, and have a social night on a Thursday in the Ovada space  – you can fnd directions on its web site. Sewing machines, 3D printers, a fridge full of booze and fun people who are doing things – it’s a place to be if you’re a developer, a builder a techie and an inventor interested in stuff.

These Oxford Hackspace folk have some great things happening there if you’re a geek or even a Mageek. For example, Ben, Lauren  and others are working on love-hz.com – connecting sensors – just check out the pilot project here.  Pretty soon the internet of fangs will be with us.  These folk are inventors – and if you’re of a similar bent, check these people out or join in.

* That bridge could do with a few additional lights, by the way. There’s something about a cemetery at a crossroads with a bridge that isn’t lit very well that gives you a weird feeling.