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Pink Oxford meets closed pub

OXFORD. So good they called it Cambridge and TED.♦

Of North Oxford’s blackbirdsO

I SHALL MISS the songs of the blackbirds when I move out of here. The ones that cluster around the Oxford Violins shop don’t sing like your average blackbird. Some of them, instead, open their beaks to deliver a bar or two of classical music – it could be Mozart, it could be Beethoven, and they finish off their songs with a peculiar trill that I haven’t heard any blackbird anywhere else deliver.  No threnody here – they are all delightful tunes and as there are plenty of magpies round here, they must ever be on their guard against rapacious egg thieves. Here’s some shots I took on this beautiful spring morning. ♥

It’s St George’s Day at the Rose and Crown

ALTHOUGH only a wee timorous beastie – a Jock like me – would dare to enter the wonderful Rose & Crown on St George’s Day, I was accompanied by a tall Englishman so that was OK. ♦

Rose and Crown, North Parade

Oxford meets Taiwan – in Oxford

BUMPED INTO a very nice guy in the Rose & Crown on North Parade recently.

He’s spent a fair amount of time in the lovely island of Taiwan – the old name was Formosa which means the beautiful island in Portuguese.  Not only is it a lovely island, the people are kind hearted.  It’s the computer industry that’s taken me to Taiwan but like Mike Busby, I’ve been to Hualien  and to the Taroko Gorge. That was too exciting!

They quite like Qwan Yin in Shanghai, too.

Here’s his set of paintings, they’re well worth a dekko. ♣

Oxford Council needs a kick up the slush

IN CENTRAL OXFORD today I was quite horrified by the lack of gritting the local council had achieved since the snows fell earlier this week.

It’s like they’ve done practically nothing – so pedestrians are sliding and falling like ninepins and on Cornmarket the shops should be held up to ridicule for not lending a hand.

Just here, on this corner, I had to act fast to steady an old lady who was going down big time.  Her hubby said: “This is a disgrace. We should vote this lot out.”  As a voter, I agree.

But surely the shops on Cornmarket could have done a  little better too? Or are they just in it for the money, honey? ♥

My wheelie bin has done a runner while feeding frenzy goes on

WHERE, OH WHERE is my wheelie bin? It was there, and now it’s done a runner. I don’t understand why someone would want to nick a wheelie bin.

And, meanwhile, there’s a feeding frenzy going on, just yards away from the scene of the appalling theft. The seagulls have landed. ♦