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Volesoft excels on May Day 2012, somehow or other…


The Annual Report on Volesoft. Apparently May Day did well!

May Day madness in Oxford

SOMEHOW or other, ancient English customs, like staying up all night and getting blatted have survived, here in Oxford.  We didn’t stay up all night but got up at 5AM to see what was going on.  It was pouring down.  But we enjoyed these talented guys just outside the Bodleian, and bumped into many of our Oxford fiends. Yeah, the pubs were open, obvious from some of the kids’ behaviour. ♥

Strange May 1st stuff happens on Oxford street

OXFORD, 1 May 2009.  Outside the Rose and Crown pub in North Parade some strange and very Englishe stuff is happening today.

The street is decked out with streamers and an audience takes note of people dressed in gaudy colours and one even appearing to be a tree. Because it’s May Day, that’s why. What’s going to happen in the video below? Well the tree is going to stand around a bit, the Morris Dancers are going to get a drink, and pretty soon they’ll start waving handkerchiefs.

Here’s some stills.



Mad Mike off to Bengaluru on May Day

SOS IN MORSE CODE. Or May Day as it’s called here. The May trees are beginning to blossom in England like there’s no tomorrow, the swifts from sub-Saharan Africa ,or in real English south of the desert, are beginning to arrive ‘ere in ‘arrow after their long and very puzzling journey.

And I will arrive in Ole Bengaluru on the 2nd of May to launch yet another magazine, despite my feeble protests to the contrary. May is probably the hottest month in Karnataka, but Bangalore’s monsoon arrives in June. Up on the plateau it is really never too horrid, partly because of the plateau and because of the beautiful trees that line its boulevards. Also, if you look to the links on the right, you will see that Ole Bengaluru has the highest concentration of pubs in India.

Airport Road is very dangerous for pedestrians though…. θ