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Nvidia’s Jen-Hsen gives Intel Corporation horrific kicking

INTEL IS NO favourite of Jen-Hsen Huang, the CEO of Nvidia, who lives cheek by jowl with Paul Otellini, Intel’s CEO in Satan Clara.


The feeling is reciprocated, we are sure.


Jen-Hsen took time out of his busy schedule (pronounced shedule in Blighty) to diss Intel. According to analyst Doug Freedman, who has been around since our Rogister daze, Jen-Hsen is “fricking mad” at Intel, and claims the stuff it’s doing is not good enough.


Doug worries that Jen-Hsen doesn’t get too obsessed by stuff. He says: “We hope that competitive drive doesn’t become an obsession distracting from technical advances and increasing target markets.”

What is Doug saying?  He is saying: “Although landscape changes are underway in graphics and heterogeneous computing, NVDA’s driving position will become more apparent in 12-18 months”.


If only Doug was talking in straightforward English. This is what we think he means. Nvidia is far from dead and is still kicking big butt. ξ