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Mechanical digger cursed by coconut tree

WE SAID NO good would come of builders chopping down the lovely coconut tree that was next to the Examiner’s offices in Ole Bengaluru.

And it came to pass last Friday, according to reliable reporters from the 100 Feet Road. It is a well known fact that chopping down coconut palms in South India invokes a curse, and the builders are obviously double cursed because they decked a little Tulsi shrine too.

This all conspired to create a SNAFU on Friday when a bright and shiny mechanical digger got bogged down in the mud. This building project will be most interesting to watch as the weeks tick by.

Webcam at CERN shows shape of things to come

THAT SPINOLA at the www.itexaminer.com sent me a link to two webcams watching the LHC at CERN.

They’re really worth a dekko. Here.

Examiner gets closer to apotheosis

WE CHANGED the content management system = back engine at www.itexaminer.com a few days ago, and it’s fair to say we’re not quite there yet, but almost there. The front end has also changed.

It’s looking very attractive, but the navigation is not straightforward yet – we’re steering our way between those two whirlpools in the Med again, not that we’re Jason and the Argonauts – far from it.

We reckon by the time the weekend is over, we may well have steered our way using our defective rudder towards a land where we have to pull dragons’ teeth. We will then be able to award ourselves a dental certificate – by appointment to dragons.

Meanwhile the “About Us” page has arisen out of the blue on the Examiner’s page. All details are there. Well, some of all the details are there, anyroadmap. θ

Force behind IT Examiner revealed

THERE IS ONE PERSON at the  www.itexaminer.com who helps to keep things moving and without whom our entire infrastructure would grind to a halt.

This is Madhu, really a force of nature, who works behind the scenes in a consistently positive way and who could, quite rightly, be called the VP of Operations at our Bengaluru magazine in Ole Indiranagar.

Madhu, pictured below, has just delivered yours truly to my apartment on the back of his motorcycle, and has made sure the wi-fi works, despite the “copper” from Airtel we described before. It is an interesting ride from the Examiner office to the Examiner apartment, but we had no fears of accidents on the way.

His Suzuki motorbike has more than enough power to outpace the crazy drivers veering in all directions on the now rightly famous 100 Feet Road. Plus Madhu is as safe as houses. We dunno who the bloke behind the scooter is.  

INQUIRER editor gives Examiner editor the bird

THE FIRST PUBCAST has come to pass but it has happened here, on my very own bog.

Paul Hales, the editor of the INQ (founder: M.Magee) decided to join the Old Farts at the Globe Tavern opposite Baker Street yesterday evening.

Hales wasn’t a happy bunny. But at least he had the grace to respond to our request for a live interview, complete with sound effects. Just a second later, he grinned and gave us the finger twice. But we’ve cut that bit out, because this is a family bog.  The vid was produced with the fantastic Flip device – it plugs into your USB port, the sound is pretty good, and the vid quality isn’t bad either. The software is on the machine and it takes a couple of batteries which generate an hour of video. What’s inside this cheap device?

With apologies to Intel for the dum-de-dum-de-dum-de-dum thingie. It was playing loudly on the pub TV while we were filming. The finger is here.  

I am going back to Bengaluru

BY MID-WEEK, I will be back in Bengaluru – a fine place.  I noticed on PR Wire that a “French Connection” shop has opened up at the airport, so I will be able to buy my Gitanes when I fly out again, no doubt.

Even though the monsoons hit India a week or two back, Bangalore remains pleasant.  The highs are acceptable and the lows mean there won’t be a huge problem freezing at night, while we still have a touch of frost here in Blighty from time to time.

We are looking forward to a resumption of the laundry wars and the 30 second walk to the orifice which actually takes 15 minutes as you wait for the opportunity to dash across the roads and become  Bengaluru road kill.

More especially, we are looking forward to chatting to our IT Examiner staff once more, and following the ancient editorial tradition, bringing them something back from our foreign trip to Blighty. Currently we have the famous “summer cold” we Brits get when the sun fails to shine in the morning. These rhinovirii are so adaptable!  



Inquirer, Examiner in battle of the bogs

YEAH, you win some, you lose some, you Carly Fiorina readsome.

But a very interesting piece here at Geek Extreme reckons Paul Hales and myself are fighting over freelancers “double posting”.

If some of these so-called  “feelancers” would even single post, it would be quite good.  As the world+dog knows, Halesie and myself are joined at the hip. We are the Tweedledum and Tweedledum of the Printernet. There is not even the hum of a hummingbird’s wings between us… 

The IT Examiner is ready – almost

IN JUST A FEW days from now I will join the four staff I have already hired in Ole Bangalore, and supervise the introduction of the IT Examiner to the global scene.

There will also be an assault and battery of several freelancers contributing to the mix – the aim of the magazine being to interpret what’s happening in India and China to the rest of the world.

This magazine will not compete with tabloids like the Rogister and the INQster. We will be introducing journalism to the world and the workspace of the world as you haven’t seen it before. Our Indian journalists will be digging deeper and deeper to get our readers stories.

We will be off to a flying start with some top features about the companies that matter most in our lovely, lovely IT world. To us, where the money is, and where the money goes will be paramount. For was it not someone who said during the Nixon administration, “follow the money”?