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India’s visa system shows every sign of excellence

ANDREW THOMAS of this yard round here right now might have had problems getting an India visa, but we can tell you the new system is 100 feet ahead of the old one which used to happen at the Indian High Commission in the Strand.

Not only is it efficient, it is effortless, so when we put our application in for an Indian business visa on Monday it was ready by Wednesday afternoon.

One question remains. India is promoting its “Incredible India” programme, via TV and street adverts. Why do tourists going to India have to have two sponsors before they can get a tourist visa? Obviously I am no tourist, and go to India for business regularly. How can no-one who has ever been to India ever before in the whole of their lives have two referees in India who know them?  The people at this place near to Victoria railway station (picture below) are super efficient. I won’t hear a word said against them.

Their website is here. ♦