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Gloucester Green traders complain about Oxford Council

Gloucester Green Market in late September on a foggy morningTODAY is the last day Gloucester Green market will look the way it looks in this photograph.

From next week, the Wednesday market will be managed by an outsourced body. We visited the mart and chatted to a few of the traders.

Oxford City Council’s official line is that there will be no price hikes at GloGreen. But the traders have a different view.

One told us that the Council had picked the best of a bad bunch to manage the market, but another, who we chatted to and who will remain anonymous was way more outspoken.

He said that the change had caused a price hike for his outfit of 33 percent. The Council, he said: “Basically washed their hands of the market five years ago.” The Council had neglected GloGreen and its basic aim was to chop costs, in line with the UK government’s directives.

He counted the ways the Council had raised the prices, charging £2 extra for “advertising”, while car park charges were also hiked.

“Don’t believe anything you read in the papers,” he said. “It’s all about cutting costs.”

We’ll visit GloGreen next week to observe the new configuration. ♥

Oxford Mail puts toilets on the map

THE OXFORD MAIL which I’ve started to read because I live here in the watery city, has been running some really great stuff about Oxford City Council. Forget Kate Middleton, she is a never was.

It is all about toilets. According to this report on the OxMail, people flock to have a wee in Oxford from around the world. John Tanner said: “It is an international toilet,” he added. “People come from all over the world to use the Gloucester Green toilets and I think they look a bit dreary.” We dunno if Kate Middleton used the bogs on Monday when she visited a school here in Ox, but, somehow, we doubt it.

This produced some lovely responses from locals, according to today’s OxMail (42 pence, well worth it). Oxford is going to spend millions on the bogs and no doubt people desperate for a wee will welcome the fact that the current bogs shut at 9PM, sharp. And stink. ♣