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Bangs galore in Bangalore on Diwali day

IT’S DIWALI here in Ole Bengaluru and even before dawn we could hear very loud explosions as crackers were set off for the festival of lights. During the day you’ll be happily watching the butterflies and flowery trees when BANG an extremely loud cracker goes off. Sometimes there’s a very loud rapid fire series of bangs, and the streets are littered with the remains of fireworks, sparklers and the like.

Although, apparently, there is a law against too noisy fireworks, this is completely ignored. A witty TV one liner ran “Shortage means price of crackers rockets”, to which some wit here in the office responded “price of rockets crackers”. It’s all very good humoured, although we wonder how many accidents go unreported as the bangs multiply.

If a miscreant is caught in nefarious firework activities, we wonder if he would be banged up in this capacious clink, below.