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Nvidia and the eggs – revisited

HAD A CHAT with old Charlie Demerjian at the INQster this morning about Mr Peddie’s post and the matter of eggs in the face.

Charlie tells me that sure enough the conversation was real, but after Mr Derek Perez laid down the guidelines for how to have a deep and meaningful conversation with Nvidiazilla, Charlie rejected them totalismo. At which point, rather than throw eggs at Demerjian, Derek just lost it.

Charlie said he was chatting to Jon Peddie about this stuff at the ATI conference at Computex and our darling debonair graphics analyst embellished it, quite colourfully we believe.

Is all well that ends well? We think not. Not yet, anyroadmap as we used to say at the INQsteria.  

AMD layoff saga continues, overegged

I SEE Fudo at Fudzilla  is egging up the AMD story the INQster ran the other week about massive layoffs at the chip firm. While Charlie reckoned five per cent of the staff were about to go, Fudo reckons 10 per cent are for the chip-chop.

A five per cent layoff was described by the INQ as “massive”, so a 10 per cent layoff would then be “ginormous”.  We’ve never really had an adequate definition from Hector Ruiz, AMD’s CEO, what “asset lite” means, have we?

Generally speaking, when times are tough, the marketing people are first to be “pruned”. The sales people are last to go.  AMD’s hired a new marketing geezer to replace Henri “I got flamboyant ties” Richard, and it’s certainly fair to say that over the last 18 months or so, Chimpzilla hasn’t shown much flamboyance at all.

In the olde daze, a rash of logos was enough to stir up the world and its little doggie, but these days something more is required from AMD, we think. AMD has lashed out at some hacks, which was never what it did in the past, in the days when we used to paint hard boiled eggs and roll them down some distant hill every Easter Monday.

Fudzilla can be found to the right of this story, as too is the INQster.  ♦