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Heard and seen at Heathrow about Hong Kong – and fags

QUEUING UP for my duty free allowance was delayed at Heathrow yesterday as  a very patient lady tried to explain to a young lad that Hong Kong had changed its attitude to duty free cigarettes.

Now, you are only allowed to import 19 fags into the territory – that is, of course, one short of a full pack. She would sell him a 200 ciggie pack of Marlboro Lites, but it was at his own risk.

He decided to take the risk and bought it; what happened to him we will never know.

But one thing is clearly for sure – if you fly to Taiwan or China there is no point buying expensive duty free fags at LHR; cigs are so cheap that you”re going to be cheated. We suspect it is similar in HK, but don’t know for sure because I only ever travelled through the airport, many times. ♥