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This Intel tick-tock stuff is doing my brain in

AMONG THE MATERIALS Intel sent for the announcements it made yesterday was one about Quickpath and the first paragraph of this document is truly an outstanding example of marchitecture.

To wit: “Through its rapid ‘tick-tock’ cadence for microprocessor innovation, Intel introdces a new microarchitecture or a new process technology (that includes enhanced microarchitecture features nearly every year.”

When I was a kid, I went to see Peter Pan at an Aberdeen theatre. The scariest character was the crocodile who’d swallowed an alarm clock and also been fed Captain Hook’s hand and lusted for more bits of his body.

Hook always knew when the crocodile was around because of the tick-tock cadence from the alarm clock. Tick-tock is scary because sooner or later we know the alarm will go off and we’ll be woken up from our pleasant slumbers.

It’s also scary because it marks the passing of Time, the most powerful thing in the world, that marks the end of all things, and in the case of us humanoids, the end of our life.

Yeah, this Intel tick-tock marketing metaphor really creeps me out. ♥