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So Intel’s Craig Barrett is off

I SEE from both the IT Examiner and The News that Craig Barrett has decided to retire.

Barrett was a master of process, but not particularly good at marketing. His wife is already well known in her own right. The family is obviously well connected.

But he is a courteous guy. I once asked an Intel  man called Yu a question and he turned a little nasty. Barrett is a kind of diplomat.  He said: “I think what Albert Yu meant…”

A gentleman and a dude farmer and good fisherman.

Readers ask, whose groin is that?

A FEW readers have emailed me to ask about the Intel logo in the banner picture which was above, but is now below.  Who is wearing the chino, they asked.

The answer is that the trousers belong to Doctor Craig Barrett, the chairman of the Intel Corporation. He was demonstrating “Concept PCs” at an Intel Developer Forum in Palm Springs, some years back. The good doctor is actually sitting on a Concept PC, designed as a pouffe.

So now you have your answer. And no, we’re not running that picture of Andreas Stiller sitting next to a beautiful blonde while Mike Magee gazes from behind with a jealous look in his eyes.