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I get IDed in Austin

LAST WEEK I was in Austin, Texas. Home to a million bats – not all of which are evil, it seems. The atria are fantastic!

So I get to Austin TX airport on my way to Dallas and decide I’ll have a burger and a beer at the bar just opposite my “gate”.

You cannot buy an alcoholic drink there without showing a picture ID. Heck, I’m old, but the guy on my right was about 75 and he had to show his photo ID too.

I foolishly thought that America didn’t have ID cards – we still don’t in the UK despite the efforts of the fascists. I don’t have a driving licence, I had a passport at the bar.  I have an NUJ (National Union of Journalists) photo ID. It’s recognised by the Metropolitan Police.

Maybe I should have flashed that. So much for freedom and justice.

There’s a beer shortage in Italy

BELOW WE SEE a very sad state of affairs. There’s obviously a beer drought in Italy and, worse than that, you’ve got to pay through the nose for it!


Weather not too bad in Iceland

At around 1° Celsius, the weather in Iceland is not too bad, compared to Norway. But the nights are drawing in fast and the day is short. It can get quite perishing in Iceland. But the beer is cheaper than it used to be, although you could hardly say it was cheap, compared to Bangalore. There are some diamond geysers in Iceland. Next stop, Canada.


There is a nice vid about Bangalore on the Examiner

KRISHNA PRASHAD has done a very good job in giving an overview of what Bangalore is like, here.

The butterflies and the trees and the dragonflies appeal to me – they’re not in this video – and the pavements (sidewalks) leave a lot to be desired. But really Bengaluru is a very fine place. It is not, however the pub capital of India. ♣