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Force behind IT Examiner revealed

THERE IS ONE PERSON at the  www.itexaminer.com who helps to keep things moving and without whom our entire infrastructure would grind to a halt.

This is Madhu, really a force of nature, who works behind the scenes in a consistently positive way and who could, quite rightly, be called the VP of Operations at our Bengaluru magazine in Ole Indiranagar.

Madhu, pictured below, has just delivered yours truly to my apartment on the back of his motorcycle, and has made sure the wi-fi works, despite the “copper” from Airtel we described before. It is an interesting ride from the Examiner office to the Examiner apartment, but we had no fears of accidents on the way.

His Suzuki motorbike has more than enough power to outpace the crazy drivers veering in all directions on the now rightly famous 100 Feet Road. Plus Madhu is as safe as houses. We dunno who the bloke behind the scooter is.  

Airtel searches for the copper outside

WE’VE GOT an apartment here in Bangalore now – just off the 100 Feet Road – which as several have noted here, describes the width of the road.

It doesn’t describe the volume of traffic or the decibel level.

Anyway, this here apartment has got Airtel wi-fi. It only seems to work between the hours of 4AM to 8AM, so it’s just as well there’s loads of mad birds round here that wake you up before there’s even a glimmer of light.

We called the engineer in. He tested the line. The line, he explained, is fine inside the building, but there’s a problem with the copper outside. He is going to send another department round to check on the copper outside.

Copper, of course, is Brit slang for a policeman. We think this wi-fi copper works a long long day, and it’s only when he goes off duty, between the hours of 4AM to 8AM that the Internet is allowed to work. This copper is keeping his eyes peeled and stops net access at all other times of the day and night.

This copper is an efficient copper. We’ll let you know what Airtel’s department has to say about this copper later. ♥

* In other Bangalorean news, we bought a lighter from the local Lakshmi Stores. This is an excellent lighter, adorned with the legend made in China. When it sparks, it produces a virtual flamethrower of a fire, and, here’s what’s unique about it. It doesn’t go out! It is an everlasting lighter until the gas runs out.