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Vote yes for a free Scotland

David BowieAn old age pensioner called David Bowie (67) said in a statement at the Brit Awards last night that he wanted Scotland to stay part of the United Kingdom.

As a Scot myself, with three Scottish grandparents and one Irish grandparent, I don’t have the vote.  But I am of the very strong opinion that Scotland should say “yes” to independence.

Despite the Labour, Liberal and Tory parties all lining up to support David Bowie’s stance, I am of the clear view that no-one should interpret a “yes” vote as a vote for the SNP.  If Scotland does split from the UK, it will create a whole new political dynamic both north and south of the border. The left will continue to win seats in an independent Scottish parliament. The Tories are largely irrelevant in Scotland and will continue to be so. A glance at the 2010 general election results is very revealing.

A “yes” vote will create a lot of changes in UK politics – Scotland returned 41 MPs in 2010 to parliament.

I don’t really have much time for Alex Salmond after he backed the egregious Donald Trump over his nutty scheme to turn a slab of the wild Aberdeenshire coast into the modern equivalent of a desert, that is to say, a golf course.  Nor, if Scotland says “yes”, do I care about being tied to the pound or to Her Britannic Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

My gut feeling is that an independent, democratic Scotland has every chance of being a viable, progressive force in Europe. And, again, folks of Alba, voting “yes” does not mean voting for the SNP. ♥