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The 1,000 names of Dattātreya

Matsyendranāth being enchanted by yoginis, before being “rescued” by Gorakhnātha.

Facebook declined to allow me to post the 1,000 names of Dattāreya as it wasn’t compatible with its weird policies. So I will post a PDF here and link it to the UR-AMOOKOS web page.

dattatreya ψ

Kālī Magic has arrived

It’s been a long time in the making, but thanks to Phil Hine and his publishing outfit, Twisted Trunk, my book on devī Kālī has finally arrived.

You can get it from Amazon and it is also available in other countries too – and in India, soon enough.

Professor Mark Dyczkowski writes: “Mike Magee is a well-known name to lovers and practitioners of Tantra to whom he has offered for decades the essential, condensed contents of many Tantras of the medieval period. This book is a fruit of his maturity and vast experience. Containing reliable translations and many Kālī Vidyàs, it is a valuable manual for practitioners and an important source for scholars.”

His website is here.