The 1,000 names of Dattātreya

Matsyendranāth being enchanted by yoginis, before being “rescued” by Gorakhnātha.

Facebook declined to allow me to post the 1,000 names of Dattāreya as it wasn’t compatible with its weird policies. So I will post a PDF here and link it to the UR-AMOOKOS web page.

dattatreya ψ

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  1. Ādeśa – Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?

    Happily came across your 2008 data input of the Yoga-Viṣaya of Matsyendranātha on Muktabodha; in honour of मृत्युजित् (mṛtyújit) “conquering old age and death” Gorakhnātha, here is a translation of verse 6 (and a crack at the title…):

    त्वं गुरुस्त्वञ्च शिष्यश्च शिष्यस्य च गुरोरपि।
    नानयोरपि भद्रे.आत्र समसिद्धिः प्रजायते॥६॥

    tvaṃ gurustvañca śiṣyaśca śiṣyasya ca gurorapi।
    nānayorapi bhadre.ātra samasiddhiḥ prajāyate॥6॥

    6. You are the Guru, and you are also the disciple; the disciple is the Guru as well. In this auspicious union of both, the perfect realization arises.

    योगविषय (yoga-viṣaya) → यो (yo) + ग (ga) + वि (vi) + ष (ṣa) + य (ya) “Who, in union with, and abiding in the light, passes beyond division and change embracing and ultimately transcending (the) destruction (of time) by joining with light.”

    Source: योगविषय (yoga-viṣaya) of Matsyendranātha (Muktabodha Digital Library – Sanskrit data entered by Mike McGee 2008):

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