Oxford City Council flouts nationwide laws

A cadre of councillors in the World Heritage city of Oxford has decided that blind and disabled people will have to suffer a dictat from planners and endure an egregious development that will leave people in the cold.

Two nationwide organisations for the disabled pointed out that “developments” at Gibbs Crescent took no notice of statutory laws, fire access laws, and common humanity, including United Nations, British, and European Commission  laws.

At a meeting at Oxford’s Town Hall yesterday evening, councillors decided to vote for an A2Dominion development by five to three, throwing into sharp relief the difference between common sense and active intelligence.

Self proclaimed social housing firm A2Dominion – turnover 500 million quid – had argued that Gibbs Crescent is a special case.

Labour councillor Colin Cook hit out at the proposal, pointing out that A2Dominion’s duty of care ought to have included improving the access road, in the face of concerns about access if there is an accident.

One councillor expressed concerns about the footpath between Mill Street and Oxpens, but despite the fact that when the footpath is closed because of demolition, it will take an hour for him to get to the Thames footpath, he voted for the proposal. He is obviously fitter or faster than blind or disabled people. He described the plan as “fuzzy” but voted for it, non withstanding.

A2Dominion, a money making organisation, has been criticised for its cavalier approach to current Gibbs Crescent residents. There is firm evidence for this, although some elected councillors were deaf or blind to the facts.

One speaker at the meeting last night described the “social housing association” as an avaricious money grabbing organisation.

There have also been allegations that the Oxford planners are ready to fall like dominoes when any old developer comes up with a plan to further destroy the heart of this ancient city.

A2Dominion could not, or maybe would not be contacted at press time.

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