Gibbs Crescent, Oxford – it’s the nightmare on Mill Street!

Blossom in Oxford in Spring

On the 14th of February this year, at 4:45 PM, a  huge explosion hit West Oxford.

I was in the wazzeria at the time, but the explosion was so great my windows bowed and I almost evacuated myself. I didn’t. I finished my wee and checked things out.

It seems some crazy greezer had blown up a house in Gibbs Crescent. He killed himself with the explosion – luckily no one else – and we’re waiting for the inquest to give us some rhyme or reason. And have been waiting for some time now. For the inquest.

I have some friends down in Gibbs Crescent, so have been following this closely.  Susanna Pressel and Colin Cook, the local Labour councillors, have involved themselves and got their faces in the Oxford Mail.

But, although I am by nature an anarcho-syndicalist – read trade unionist and NUJ member for that, I thought I’d drop a line to our newly elected LibDem MP – that Layla Moran – who seems to have pursued this story in an exemplary way. I draw your attention, for example, to the almost complete lack of social housing she highlights, and to the big big question.

When A2Dominion “rehouses” the Gibb Crescent residents, where are they going to go? ♥

Ms Moran wrote to me on Friday:

“Dear Mike

“Further to our previous correspondence, and particularly focusing on Gibbs Crescent, I have now received responses from Dawn Wightman, Director of Housing for A2Dominion, and Patsy Dell, Head of Planning Services at Oxford City Council.

“Ms Wightman confirms that any plans to redevelop Gibbs Crescent would include 50% affordable housing, consisting mostly of 1 and 2 bed apartments with some 3 bed properties.  She has not indicated what proportion of these affordable properties would have social rents.  The properties are described as being significantly larger than those currently at Gibbs Crescent, but A2Dominion do not confirm how many of the new homes would be 1 bed.

“A2Dominion have also outlined a number of the benefits that they feel the redevelopment of Gibbs Crescent could bring, though have not indicated what assurances they intend to provide existing tenants.

“Ms Dell confirms that Oxford City Council has not yet had any detailed preapplication discussions with A2Dominion regarding proposals to redevelop Gibbs Crescent.  I understand that officers at the Council held a meeting with A2Dominion, in which they discussed the need for public consultation on any proposals, but that by early December the Council had not had any follow up to this meeting.

“One of the issues Gibbs Crescent residents have raised with me is the serious shortage of social housing available in Oxford.  In light of this, I asked Ms Dell to confirm how many social properties are currently available for let.  She has replied that out of 7746 Oxford City Council properties and 3753 housing association properties, there are only 14 currently advertised as being available to let, with 2858 households currently on the housing register.

“I share the concern expressed by many Gibbs Crescent residents that these proposals would reduce the stock of social housing available in Oxford, rather than increasing it as is needed, and appreciate the impact that redeveloping Gibbs Crescent could have on existing tenants, including those who have lived there for many years.

“I hope that this information is useful.  I will continue to pursue these issues with the Council and A2Dominion, and will share any updates I receive with you.

“Kind regards,

Layla Moran MP
Member of Parliament for Oxford West and Abingdon
Layla Moran
Member of Parliament for Oxford West and Abingdon

4 responses to “Gibbs Crescent, Oxford – it’s the nightmare on Mill Street!

  1. Dear, considering your extensive studies and assuming your understanding of Sanskrit to be able to translate such works on tantra and Divine Mother. One would assume some little beej of grace has been bestowed to you to further pursue the realization of THAT which is the substratum, origin and dissolution of all.

    Something must be compelling this message to be sent to you, another why are such words being said?

    Human birth is a gift and an opportunity for us to realize the timeless awareness. But most humans get stuck in the externalizations of senses and spinning webs and stories about this and that.

    While your body is still warm and prana still flows through your nadi’s, deeply consider putting all efforts towards contemplation of the absolute.

    • Well, I still need to eat and to drink. And as the whole world is samsara, meaning everything is flowing together, I refer you to my translation of Kaulajnananirnaya. Anyway, I’ve no idea who you are, and little idea of myself either, and as everything is Chit, what does any of it matter anyway?

  2. I live at number 16 Gibbs and am praying for redevelopment! The sooner the better. There is not a day without a police car or ambulance/ fire engine outside. Many residents welcome the proposals as no one will exchange with us due to it’s reputation. It’s unfair to be stuck here knock it all down!

  3. I’m a long standing resident of Gibbs crescent and totally disagree! Redevelopment is the best option. The crescent is hot spot for trouble there is not a day that goes by without a police car or ambulance outside. The flats are cold damp and not fit for purpose. I have been trying to swap for years but no one is willing due to its reputation and that’s before the explosion. Many residents feel exactly the same way but as many do not have access to the internet or do not know how to due to their circumstances, don’t get the choice to voice their opinions. It’s totally unfair being stuck here and always reading that the residents fear losing their homes when all I hear is the opposite. If a resident wants to stay here then I have been informed that they would be more than welcome to after the proposed redevelopment. They would also be returning to a new, proper insulated home and be compensated. It’s surely a win win situation for everyone!

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