Mad Mike Magee is dead: thank the fuck for that

ABERDONIAN and self-confessed individual Mike Magee has passed on into the vale wherever the vale is.

He was a lazy, self-obsessed bastard and often got cross at things, even things that he didn’t need to be cross about. In fact, I can’t think of a positive thing to say about the git.

He leaves, as his legacy, nobody that gives a flying fuck. He paid all his bills and left his puny life without owing the taxman anything.

He will be missed, grievously, by HMRC, the tax people who had hoped to extract more from him before he croaked. Let’s hope and pray that he goes to a tax free zone. (Not Switzerland, Ed.) 

4 responses to “Mad Mike Magee is dead: thank the fuck for that

  1. That’s not the Mike Magee I know / knew. All round good egg (its all in the egg) but wouldn’t thank me for saying so, probably. Good bloke.

  2. RIP
    Enjoyed the articles over the years .

  3. Thank you for your work all these years. It made a difference for me. My thoughts go to the family.

  4. If you’re dead a dead ringer for love, this will wake you up (-:

    Mātṛkābhedatantram (full English translation):

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