Oxford reveals costs of “blue bin initiative”

YOU KNOW you’ve got to give credit to Oxford City Council. It takes the freedom of information act (FOI) seriously.

We asked, a month ago, about the cost of its rather infamous “Blue Bin Initiative”.

It sent out a very expensive leaflet to us very  long suffering residents of Oxford.

Here’s what it came up with on its FOI request. We have asked for an internal review from the Vale of the White Horse on how it lost votes. Unfortunately, the Vale of the White Horse seems to have lost everything. We asked for an internal review. We are still waiting, us Oxford residents.

Hello Mike,


Further to the acknowledgment below, regarding your FOI request dated 28 September, I am now in a position to respond. Please see below for the answers to your questions.

1. Please break down the costs of this initiative – I and other residents of this street received a colour brochure yesterday – oxford.gov/uk/recycling league – see sub questions:

Oxford City Council received 350k after they were successful in applying for a DCLG grant.
As this is a three year project officially launching on October 5th, a full breakdown is not yet available.

1a How much did the smartphone app cost to develop?

The Smart App is not part of the project, it was already developed. It cost £750 to include the Blue Bin Recycling League pledge form.

1b To how many households were the full colour brochures delivered in Oxford?

All Oxford households, approximately 60,000. 61,000 packs were ordered.

1c Please name the areas represented by the colours at the back of the leaflet.

Oxford has been split into 8 areas which have been given a colour. These areas mirror our collection days and geographically incorporate several different well known Oxford area names

2. Who was responsible for the initiative? Was it council members?

The Recycling Team submitted a bid to the DCLG grant fund to run the incentive scheme. It has had full Councillor support and consultation and is overseen by John Tanner, board member for Cleaner Greener Oxford

I hope this helps,

Best wishes


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One response to “Oxford reveals costs of “blue bin initiative”

  1. So many riots, so much fear. After going back home to MPLS and Univ of Minnesota after personal confrontation which if non violence saves life, I touched limit, Now Here in Mnapolius, Riots started at beginning of week.

    F.O.I. is hot to gets killer tapes, Police Chief resigning or threatening to. 24/7 Precient lockdown few miles away, Drive thru area each school day, including tomorrow. F.O.I. has been Great break in on going silence, yet once got information, what does it actually say.
    here $60,000.00 pounds spend for 1 Jurno to investigate, total of 1,0.X…minutes of reading then often thrown. meaing total coast approaching $100 minute for colour brouchere. typical of all printed items.

    Important yes, yet intentional misdirection and cost seem point.

    drashek getdownologist….

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