Playing cards of the world: Kathleen Wowk

KATH WOWK worked at Stanley Gibbons in the 1970s and wrote a book, Playing Cards of the World,  a book which is widely regarded but in fact got her expelled from Kenneth Grant’s OTO.

Kenneth Grant regarded the tarot cards as sacred but Kath secularised them, he considered.

Kathleen Wowk

I often wonder what became of the lovely Kath. If anyone knows, please drop me a line.

Jan Magee, Kath, David Hall and yours truly went to the Knebworth Rolling Stones concert in 1976, where Kath distinguished herself by dragging us all to the very front so we could have a good old dekko at the goings on.

This is a picture Kath gave me during the 1970s, showing her in Nottingham, where she was born. She was of Ukranian descent, and contributed a translation of Liber OZ to SOTHiS magazine, way back when. 

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  1. Mike I have been trying to contact you in regard to your work in Sothis magazine. In particular Vol II No. II (mentioned above) in which multiple translations of Liber Oz were offered. I wrote a book on this history and influence of this document and it includes a catalog of all the most important publications and for many reasons this edition of Sothis is one of those. I am interested in any history you can give me here in regard to the translations and any other time Sothis or those associated with Sothis may have published it. Please contact me at your convenience.

  2. Robert Flores

    Mike any place I can contact you to ask you a few historical questions in regard to Sothis and Typhonian OTO?

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