We invoice Texas congress geezer Will Hurd

DEAR #HurdontheHill also known as Will Hurd, the congressman for the 23rd district of Texas, wherever that is.

Thank you so much for using our TechEye story on your website.

But, as we say in Scotland, everything has  a price.  Therefore please consider this to be an invoice for £10,000.  Our terms are 30 days net.  You don’t need to pay VAT.

Nick Farrell and yours truly are looking forward to an early payment. Thank you for syndicating our content and a pleasure to do business with you! 

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  1. thomasxstewart

    We at Free Negroe appreciate your reading and add value to any Mike Magee reading. Thusly Give Me back my 10 Grand.
    18Nov,2014 1.

    Thomas stewart von drashek

    Paper II

    Cultural artifacts in Popular music as seen by fokkowing Paul McCartny, from first records of the Quarrymen in mid 1950s’ where only Paul remains as Musician today. Non stop continuous road, moving into The Silver Beatles in performances in Germany,band changed personel often. The most exciting performances in Washington,Dc & New


    PS We Ain’ts keddings ether….
    Thomas stewart von drashek paper II

    Cultural artifacts in Popular music as seen by following Paul McCartny, from first records of the Quarrymen in mid 1950s’ where only Paul remains as Musician today. Non stop continuous road, moving into The Silver Beatles in performances in Germany, early band changed personnel often. The most exciting performances in Washington,Dc & New York City, hitting National news, screaming female fans & National magazines, first mere 45 rpm ,then Meet the Beatles album, By 1964.

    World screamed for more and more. Records, Movies & newsprint churning out latest and Greatest. We get chance to see group musician struggle up & become world famous, then as struggles of monies & long tours overpowered group, each wanting more, with trips to far eastern countries & selling ore than people really wanted, even claiming to be more popular than God. Pauls group began journey into strange, perhaps horrid land of unearthly sound & clamour. Point
    being distaste for war, mockery of what had been the Beatles central theme. Era of Man & woman joining in new consumeristic world, now braced by era of enjoinment.

    Early Beatles are now the Beatles of mere five years latter, swoon by San Francisco sound. Similar in name & Song writers listed on album, yet off in world distant to suburban home at that time. Key to disentragration of family & home, as seen by White protest simply giving up.

    The Beatles demanded audience to join in fantasy cloud in late 1960s’ did so from production company named: Apple, as capital records would not publish now blurred Beatles vision.

    The Beatles where breaking up, Capital made last ditch effort: the beatles White Album, two record set, promising Royalties, The Beatles numbered albums to claim Gross revenues, to no avail. Paul McCartny rouse his troupes to form Apple Records. Old Albums made under Capital label now flew Apple logos. Ndeed distribution was entirely within Apple. Capital was NOT amused, yet llst copyright battle of old contracts. In fact other beatles lost too. The Beatles dissolved, after building Abby Road recording studio. Gone where film.

    The Beatles here are roots to the Beatles thru White Album & radical change White Album takes The Beatles music into. As popular music,too changes radically. Music into meaningful sometimes noise latter used in rap music. However the Beatles use problems of American Youth in general, urging new left to form.

    To discuss mood, even tonal, rhythm, speed from Meet the Beatles to new White Album Beatles is Obvious change in meaning of The Beatles music. From Noir album cover of shadows in black & white to desert flower colored strange album covers after White Album, The Beatles blew fuse & public was in strange radical c time of change to accept new wail.
    While MoTown appeal to public as Christianize Soul Soul, appealing to build family in spite of societal strife, Sound Love by Public, the Beatles sold inner working of confusion.Mans Man running from unwanted War that concept of War is rejected as in Living I rejected style of new lefts commune forming retreat.

    . Certainly Race of audience was same in both eras of Beatles, early 1960s’ or Late 1960s’. Gender moving to bonding of family to encouragement of drop out culture. Sounds of times had changed, The Beatles where angered at draining 18 month tours, ownership of creative profits:e.g. rights. The Beatles left to reform, quit. While encourageing others to go step further, Often The Beatles where labeled hypocrites, wealthy beyond compared, yet selling impovishment & in fact toxic results of reaching out for nivarna.

    As Motown swanned to disco, entire new cultural popular idiom was born or tracked, reflected era lived in. The Beatles where precursor to Texas Chainsaw Msscure. In fact at height of controversy, not labeled b grade, yet who really fell for anger in late 1960s’ Beatles. Beatles regained ground with Paul McCartny going solo, wwhile other Musicians know as The Beatles withered off, in few Albums with singular Pop hit rapped in 33&1/3 vinyl disc.

    1950s’ producing entertaining cultural history, new cultural revoled around nightmare, often.
    The Beatles are one unique property that tried evolving, where often new groups formed on stage to emphasis entirely new eras’ viewpoints’.

    Sexuality, in aggressive Beatles demanding more rights, labor issue & legal. One might say Michael Jackson had even worse fall out. From Early MoTown thru Pepsi sponsored era. Finally demand for soda pop sales at more concerts than possible, drove Jackson singer to despair, while The Beatles found wealth & fame be musing, too.
    The Beatles changed into: Do It in Road, implying open dangerous sexuality. overtly sexual display, Naked John Lennon with new mate, Yoko Ono, Marriages that went bust. From Bubblegum, Ms Carpenter starving self to death, Pink sexuality into morbid state. From new sound, into televised audience, into horror, all fast as lightening. Although Nina Simone carrer ended in disillusion of native culture that taught Nina such gifted performance, throughout Ninas’ raved carrer, Nina was on straight track.

    While in US culture from, track changed considerably in both Black Music, then black films as in Kung fu, the Beatles changed as artist, internally. Instead of common self destruction, Beatles asked each other, thru H Courts & public, we’ve got complaint & often public is in fix.

    Everyone could see fix, yet new music arousing popular culture, Runaways. We want to be where boys are. Old companies failed or fell, newness was rage. Exciting demand of powerful cultural riseing up to confront MASTERFULSHIP DISPLAayED In film noir into early 1950s’. Dorthy Gale went on imagined vision, seeing Wizard as smoke & mirrors.

    However, Night of Living Dead had panoramic vision that movie in B category most missed in conscious. Culture was becoming front line combat. People where losing track of sensibility, The beatles where just another crooner in Devils Island of changes.

    Not just Blaxploitation, entire hundreds of millions of subscribed to dead end. Cultural exchanged or trolly going off rails. H President whom wanted every American condemned. News showing some real gruesomeness, that public needed to reject.

    Politics had changed from March on Detroit, then Washington,Dc Loss of Drafted recruitment, Forgein conflict as US Drug epidemic, low wages & autos that went 170 mph to escape police that decide to get rid of those mandated by H
    Ford esq. Wild was term, just viewing people & nightly news was mouthful.

  2. thomasxstewart

    I already posted dis , opps. Blaxplotation iGuess….

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