Labour Party keeps spamming me

A Loidensian, it transpiresI HAVE ATTEMPTED to ask – very nicely – the Labour Party to stop spamming me with emails asking me for money.  I’ve never been a member of the Labour Party and have no idea how it has got my email address. So after receiving this one, below, from the travaillistes, I have asked the authorities – the Electoral Commission –  to investigate.  Because enough is enough.  


Iain McNicol


Mike Magee
Today at 5:56 PM

2 responses to “Labour Party keeps spamming me

  1. I blame the Union, Jack.

  2. Hi Mike Got Back into C.L.A. and B.F.A. program of Studio Arts, now Advisor: Ms. Magee-Newton will be my guide. Still struggling up from Gravure, yet next ploy is even more. My Family, Relationship with Mary Queen of Scots, and deep use of Mary forming ornate Crown, Kathleane Mary, Encourage Working class with Buttons and Bows for Celebration. Rx name and give name. ehhhhhh, nam.e’

    Thomas stewart.everyone….

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