Day 38: A bike team outing

Tour de Frambo

023Today Ellen, Dick, Pete and I met up   to drive the bike route in England and  to check if my bike would have any problems anywhere on the way to Newhaven. We left the Kite and took  the route through Kennington, Abington Wallington Reading and Wokingham – we had lunch at a JD Weatherspoon called the Gig House

we went to Crawley on a  B, little country road. As we were going through the countryside we all found a few issues came up – people out with horses on the road. ,4X4 cars who might not like to get they cars muddy. When we were leaving Crawley  we were getting lost at  roundabouts, to get on the right road to Newhaven. When we got to Newhaven we found a McDonalds for a coffee.

I biked  no miles today but rode 200 miles on four wheels. I walked to the Kite and back to…

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One response to “Day 38: A bike team outing

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