Port Meadow strikes again!

I GET a lovely leaflet from those lovely people who opposed the Port Meadow development. You can email them at saveportmeadow@gmail.com, although I’m not sure if the lasses and lads are aware that Google on gmail monitors every email in and out.

There are some fab quotes on the leaflet. Colin Cook, a Labour councillor, describes the whole thing as “a storm in a teacup”. City council leader Bob Price says: “It is difficult to see precisely what is getting people so exercised.”  Planning minister Nick Boles, MP, says: “A disgrace… one of the worst designs I’ve seen in the last 10 years.”

Now there is damage that needs to be undone, although some damage in our opinion at Volesoft is terminal. Although by nature of a leftish stance, we will never vote for our councillor Colin Cook ever again, despite his lovely cycle clips. We are even considering not voting for lovely Susanna Pressel, even though she is slightly leftish too.   We at Volesoft think the Labour controlled Oxford City Council needs some Ex-Lax…



3 responses to “Port Meadow strikes again!

  1. Oy! The Labour should marry the Tory… “Labourtory’s” a word, init?

    The only worst than the ugly tower blocks is having your backs against the wall. Wall off the Meadow-sum situation, the lot of it! Whilst tucking all the Labourtory in the Tower. Oh how I miss the “off with their heads” days.

  2. Yes, Google wants gobs of mail, every bit of it. We Yanks don’t know what to do with them frankly. So I go down under for my mail service.
    //Off subject– reason I am writing: do you still offer the quick sidereal software offered in your text? –wanted to know before trusting the mails with my 2 pounds. — gives you a chance to hike the fare a bit.

    I liked the book , much better to get thru than Fagan without dumbing down. I chant the sanskrit of the planets, (I’d better: a wretched few aspects). The philosophical approach to begin the book is rare and perfect. Thanks much!

    • Sidereal software is freeware these days – thanks for your very kind comments about the book. These days I use a wonderful piece of software, Jagganatha Hora – wwww.vedicastrology.org

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