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The scaffolds go up on Mill Street

Ahead of the Austrians coming to Mill Street – next week – the scaffolding is going up. If there is a god at the bottom of the gardens between numbers 19 to 41 it has to be Jason Thacker.

Mill Street

To look on the bright side, once the Wall has been built, we won’t be able to take a snap of the extremely ugly Said ziggurat.

Oh, by the way, the blackbird is still nesting happily in the tuti puti shed halfway down Nathistan.

Take a dekko at Dakor, Gujarat

Dakor, GujaratIt’s 1978 – the first time I travel to India. I’m lucky enough to have visited the Sri Krishna temple in Dakor at the time of a major festival.

You have to pay a toll to get into the place, then you buy food to offer as prasad to Krishna.  The temple guys attempt to squirrel away the prasad but my lovely guide says here, give it back.  The racket being that the box of prasad is then re-sold outside the temple grounds.

Dakor is quite a delightful place, with a large tank full of turtles, a scale with a mountain of nose rings on one side, that was weighed against some fat tyrant or other, and a Lakshmi shrine where you can peek into her bedroom. ♥

Oxford City Council challenges the over 40s

There are quite a lot of people aged over 40 live here in Oxford Town. So when Oxford City Council delivered its schedule of wheelie bin pick ups, I did a straw poll.

100% of the people I surveyed could neither (a) read the small print on the wheelie bin instructions and (b) understand what Oxford City Council was on about.

Perhaps the Council could hire professionals who could (a) string a sentence together and (b) realise that if print is too small, no one over the age of 40 could possibly read it without an electron microscope.  Oh, and BTW, Oxford City Council, not everyone who lives here is on the world wide wibble.


Thames Valley commissar outlines his cunning plan

ruddyhellPictured here is the ruddy Police and Crime Commissar, Anthony Stansfeld, presiding over the Thames Valley police.

He kindly sent us a leaflet that came along with our Oxford council tax bill – everything has gone up by two percent – no kidding.

But on the same leaflet is a little graphic which perhaps isn’t exact;y what the commissar meant to say. ruddy

Oxford councillor takes Vladimir Putin stance

I mean to say, words fail me but obviously don’t fail John Goddard. ♥


Aberdeen and Getty Images

I thought I’d try out Getty Images’ new embed feature.  So here is a view of Aberdeen.
Embed from Getty Images

It’s a view from the bridge

You know I’ve been on about the corridor at the bottom of my magic garden, yeah?  You know, the prefabricated Austrian sections and the like.

I had to go to the Royal Mail depot today on Oxpens Road – to do that you need to cross the railway lines on a really really ugly footbridge. Network Rail has told us this bridge will have to go because when it electrifies the railway next year, the footbridge won’t be high enough.


Here’s a view from the current footbridge of the works going on. My garden is two to the left of the cherry blossom.

It’s already a footbridge too far at night time – there’s no lights and it’s difficult to see the steps in the dark. Network Rail is taking representations although us residents won’t really have a say, as far as I can tell.

I mean, what sense can you make of this Network Rail missive?

<<Hi Susanna, [that’s Susanna Pressel, a councillor who reps our area, Ed.]

 Next Tuesday 11th March Network Rail are having an internal meeting to co-ordinate the various projects in and around Oxford City.

 As a representative of The GWMLe programme, I will be attending. The premise is to ensure a holistic approach is progressed with on a practical manner.

 DCL 62.49 Osney Lane is on the agenda to debate and ensure synergy is identified between each of the separate projects.

 While the project manager has to work to his time table which programmes in a ‘slot’ in the summer. If due process (consultation and planning submission) is disrupted, then that date will slip.

 As soon as the meeting next week has identified who the lead engagement officers are from NR, I will let Yim know.

 The get in contact with Oxford City, and request an urgent meeting to run through the issues.

 You will be in the first tranche of consultee’s engaged with.

 Kind Regards,