How many bricks, exactly?

It’s been a while since I’ve Volesofted, I’ve been on Defacebook a lot, but it occurs to me that Volesoft is worth keeping going.

Oxford power stationNow this picture, taken here this morning, is of the west side of Mill Street, and looming over Arthur Street is what once was the Oxford Electric Power Station – it brought light to Oxford and beyond it is the river, where the barges brought coal and the stokers worked day and night to keep the juice pumping.

Other elements in its existence include being a testing place for Concord engines – heck that must have made quite a racket. And, right now, it is a repository for books, books and more books and is under the stewardship of Oxford University.

But the thing that intrigues me more is the number of bricks that make up this imposing edifice. I wouldn’t know how to begin to count them or their weight.

And talking about bricks, if I find the vandal who has started demolishing my front garden’s brick wall, I can assure you you will be well treated to Mageek justice… ♥

2 responses to “How many bricks, exactly?

  1. A poem about said Power Starion building:

  2. All in all, it is good to read of you, sir. The last word had you at joining a “hacker” commune. I was wondering if they hadn’t done off with you (bodily-snatching you to punt against R&D gambling debts and the like).

    I said “no this could never happen in Oxford… Edinburgh, maybe.”

    You can kit out over here:

    What really counts is you’re Volesoft at heart! :)

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