Mother of invention is alive and well in Oxford

lovehzI took a trip last night to Oxford Hackspace – it’s only three minutes from here across the spooky bridge across the railway line*.

But Oxford Hackspace is a great place to hack  –  to make things, to break things up, to recreate and to mash things about.  The bunch is  really friendly, and have a social night on a Thursday in the Ovada space  – you can fnd directions on its web site. Sewing machines, 3D printers, a fridge full of booze and fun people who are doing things – it’s a place to be if you’re a developer, a builder a techie and an inventor interested in stuff.

These Oxford Hackspace folk have some great things happening there if you’re a geek or even a Mageek. For example, Ben, Lauren  and others are working on – connecting sensors – just check out the pilot project here.  Pretty soon the internet of fangs will be with us.  These folk are inventors – and if you’re of a similar bent, check these people out or join in.

* That bridge could do with a few additional lights, by the way. There’s something about a cemetery at a crossroads with a bridge that isn’t lit very well that gives you a weird feeling.

5 responses to “Mother of invention is alive and well in Oxford

  1. I remember that bridge, Mike, from when I used to live on Mill Street Long ago. It was always a good place to go and think.

  2. invention means knowing parts, on digicam, not just taking aprt into even more useless pieces, fixing digicam ,understanding error & how to fix makes reasoned mind.

    to own mill, frankensteins’ rebirth lab….


  3. Oxford Hackspace’s first birthday is TODAY and we’re throwing a do in an
    actual big hall and YOU’RE INVITED!

    It will be held in the downstairs hall of the East Oxford Community
    Centre on Princes St. off Cowley Road, from 6-11pm. We will also have
    access to OARC, the upstairs room where we were founded one year ago on

    The party will be a POTLUCK, which means that everyone brings a dish or
    drinks of their choice to add to the buffet to share. However, we’re
    not allowed to bring alcohol in–but never fear, there will be a
    well-stocked bar that opens onto our huge room instead!

    There will be loads of table space for food and creations and tinkering,
    and a microwave and kettle will be available.

    So bring yourself, bring your other half, bring any cool projects you
    want to work on or show off, and a dish to share! (Please no mince
    pies…!) It’s going to be a great time!

    Hope to see you LATER TODAY!

    Please if you’re coming to the party on Friday night, indicate what
    dish/drinks you are bringing on this spreadsheet so I can get an idea of
    what to prepare and how many people are coming. Microwave, small fridge
    and kettle available. No one goes hungry!!

    Also, the bar asked us what some good things to stock were, and I told
    them ales and Scottish drinks based on social night historical
    requirements Feel free to add a note in the notes section with
    instructions for me to ask for better things (you know, with
    examples)–the earlier the better as they’ll be shopping shortly!

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