You can die in Oxford easily, but staffing is hell

Fragment of RewleyLike many another part of Blighty South, the Quality Care Commission (QCC) reported on the state of the Oxford University Hospital Trust a few days back.

The PDF is here. We’re not quite sure why the Care Quality Commissars bung the Care up to the Quality without a space. Marketing, we guess.

It all seems sort of OK until you get to the staffing section in the PDF. There’s an elevated risk related to staff registration. There’s an elevated risk of whistleblowing, whatever that means. Is something wrong, then?

If you’re thinking of dying, it appears that the Oxford University Hospital Trust passes on all points.  There’s no “elevated risk”.

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  1. thomasxstewart

    how to confuse, if abrupted. if had anything honest to say ’bout mortus events in hospital, bee readable.

    method of kill problems & keep killing. method is so flawed, warning:will robinson….

    burning victims in furnce before even dead, for entertainment. pdf, another halirous joke on you. all see is fun in kill. yet hjospitol stands. fools fall in….

    speaking gibberish is easy & worldwide. killing yer baby, mother & husband is thrill, thenm you.

    school of meateaters whom continue.

    meet god & scream….

  2. Given that none of the 6 risks reported, are recorded with any Observed or Expected counts, it is hard to understand how they arrive with the Risk inclusions, and if it is this simple, why aren’t they Redundant?

    Getting sick or hurt is risky business. Other people are dangerous. Perhaps we should crawl under a rock, and then cast it whenever other people appear. This is probably why we have earth quakes.

    Advanced Directives mayhap unintended carelessness: the withholding of fluids to the comatose patient; perish the thought or parching to death because you had a Living Will.

    Have a butcher’s! I’m not asleep, really. I need a bit of the hair of the dog, is all. Cheers on me. NO. Not chiz, ‘cheers’. No juice for me, Florence; I’m flying the stretcher tonight. I was caught out at the Dyscopia whilst inhaling Acopia, and now I fly everywhere. I’d like a pint of adenosine triphosphate, please and that’s 80p to you. I’ve got Clawson-Blue Stilton Wedges for shoes, you know. Some blokes kill for just a little step. I’m a dyslexik agnostic with insomnia… I lie awake at night wondering if there really is a doG! Attrition ain’t what it used to be. Where have all the flowers gone?
    There’s only risk when I’m elevated. You risk too much you get too high.

    There is no “elevated risk” really. Matter of fact it’s all elevated. The only thing that makes it look bright is the sun. But the sun is eclipsed by this sky and everything is bloke by the moon.

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