Oseney tries to reclaim its past

Oseney AbbeyDOWN HERE in Mill Street,  Oxford,  has something of a reputation, don’t you know?

For example, the Miller’s Tale, in Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, is set at the old mill down the end of the road and describes how a student had his wicked way with the miller’s wife.

Then there was Oseney Abbey – pictured – which had its lot when Henry VIII decided he was short of a bob or two and decided to dissolve the monasteries.

And now we get through the post a missive about a “pre Christmas sale” at the “remains of Osney Abbey, Mill Street, Oxford OX2 0AN” on Saturday, October 19th from 08:30 to 13:30. The sale is “in aid of the restoration of the scheduled monument roof”. So be there or be square.


4 responses to “Oseney tries to reclaim its past

  1. just wanted to say thanks for the information about osney island – I know family living nearby (just down botley road) and your blog helps keep me informed – someday I really must stop by the kite and buy you (several) beers for all the enjoyment you have given me over the years.
    I was just looking through the oxford city council FOI requests and who should I spot… and now I know Oxford University has no plans for the power station… and I know about the space because of you

    so I just wanted to say thanks again for being you
    best wishes

  2. Kate has a point. Thank ye, Mike. Wish you’d post more often.

  3. thomasxstewart

    first charity of church roof repair does not promise to repair entire church roof, in fact, seldom is any repair completed. interesting part of 1520 ddrawing is how people must of been happy elves, children in garden, compared to sparse life of young men.
    kights Templar, entire world con. oh,my. even today, powerful & corrupt legal group, native americans, tried to make all point pens, in Montana, along railroad sideing. had happy dancingfeet. worked for few years, now metal building is abandoened, corporate marketing, too much. natives working pecan groves at:ft McDowell, drive to food marts, all product thrown out. 10 year old female workers, only & quick grave. Dats ones gob.

    wish mike write somewhere. my posting are steping bit. less rubahah, more rahmahlla. my suggestion: get 55″ Plasma before line ends in March.. oled is eplacement item, at 10K$, so tanks walthur….


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