Geiger counter in Oxford, anyone?

Geoger counterMY SOURCES here in Oxford, and they are highly reliable sources, tell me that it’s not just diesel contamination people have to worry about.

As we reported here earlier, and subsequently followed up by the venerable Oxford Mail, diesel pollution is the name of the game in certain parts of this City of the Screaming Squires.

A completely different source informed us, off the record, that Oxford City Council might well sue the university over the diesel spill.

But perhaps boffins from the university, not far from Port Meadow, should get out their Geiger counters and check out how much ticking there is at a spot nearby.

Radioactivity is nothing to fear – heck we come from Aberdeen, Scotland, where Geiger counters tick like there’s no tomorrow because of the granite bedrock.  But there’s a time and a place for everything and it’s time to examine the place, not far from Port Meadow, we are reliably informed.

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  1. place in japan really is abandoned, malls, apts, everything. on sticky notes, just enter term into 9.1 search & click green logo, comes right up your arm, like plutonium.errrr, on desktop.

    know one thing, Radiologist won’t even look inside lead radioactive isotope container, let alone touch lead with own hand. just radioactive badges exposed will get md killed….


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