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DESPITE THE STATED fact that Facebook said photographs are now “easier to load” to the multinational, I have noticed they are much harder and it is much easier to upload them to, and then refer them to Defacebook. Here’s a fragment of my little hom in Oxford. Why Facebook has made it so, I haven’t a clue, nor an earthly, but it is true, and has been for over a week. Facebook deserves to go bust…

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2 responses to “This is part of my little home

  1. thomasxstewart

    Heeey-Mike. Worlds need to gear up for haswell 2011 pin, maybe called R Socket. Server stuff. DDR5 Possible. might start new adreniline poof.

    PS got thou….

    drashek/magee 03june?

  2. thomasxstewart

    ummm. ddr4 wiki

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